<![CDATA[  - News]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 17:13:31 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[HAPPY THANKSGIVING!]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:54:43 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/happy-thanksgiving
As you can see, our blackened turkey has been baked innumerable times at 300F. This has caused it to become a bit hard. 20w-50 gravy will help. Thankfully, it comes neatly pre-sliced.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
<![CDATA[One. Two Three. Four. Muskets being built.]]>Sat, 21 Nov 2015 06:39:09 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/one-two-three-four-muskets-being-built
Four complete builds in progress over the last couple months. Bikes completely dismantled, motors split, cranks apart, machining on! Very busy winter ahead! Wish it wasn't getting cold, brrrrr!
<![CDATA[The FIRST Musket engine to leave USA has reached Germany!]]>Sat, 21 Nov 2015 06:38:56 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/the-first-musket-engine-to-leave-usa-has-reached-germany
Hullo folks! This one has reached its amazing, excited new owner-builder...in Germany! The first one to leave these shores and land in a different continent.
For all those who were keen to see a 2x1 pipe setup, here it is! Took a lot of figuring out but think this works.
The best part is, there is no clamp joint needed to connect the rear branch to the main pipe, the whole thing is one single unit, while allowing the individual headers to enter each exhaust port simultaneously. Pipes are secured extremely well through 6061 clamp rings held to studs installed in the heads, a detail that every Musket engine has had.
<![CDATA[The HAZAN MUSKET!]]>Sat, 21 Nov 2015 06:37:47 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/the-hazan-musket
Max's masterpiece is done and has reached its home, a private collection/museum in Texas!
These stunning photos are from the article by PIPEBURN and all rights belong to them. They are presented here only to encourage the viewer to read the article and enjoy the gorgeous photography at:
The Hazan Musket in its exalted new home. Fret not...the owner does fire up and ride his beloved machines!
<![CDATA[A LABORIOUS LABOR DAY DEAL!]]>Mon, 07 Sep 2015 05:06:22 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/a-laborious-labor-day-deal
In celebration of labor, for all its soul-testing, character building, eyeball crushing, back-aching glory, here is an offer that puts the nose where it belongs - to the grindstone.
Your 350 OR 500 Bullet will be given the full treatment, stock version. Careful, painstaking assembly of the engine, installation, testing, tuning, sorting, resulting in a classic 998 V twin, ready to roar.
Any aftermarket internal performance parts of your choice that will fit and work well may be substituted at additional cost.
Get in touch via the form on the Order page, there's only three available.

<![CDATA[IT'S ON JAY LENO'S GARAGE!!!]]>Mon, 06 Jul 2015 16:08:18 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/july-06th-2015
<![CDATA[A Musket motor to the Max!]]>Fri, 16 Jan 2015 04:38:40 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/a-musket-motor-to-the-max

The *insanely talented* Max Hazan of Hazan Motorworks, the man who puts meta into metal, sculpture into motion with sublime, single-handed sureness, has given the Musket motor the honor of being the power-plant in his next creation. I recently had the pleasure of visiting Max at his workshop in L.A where I caught up with his progress.
Please visit his website www.hazanmotorworks.com

<![CDATA[2015 CALENDAR! Twelve Musket months, shot and designed by the owner of the Magnum 1120.]]>Thu, 18 Dec 2014 04:30:10 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/2015-calendar-twelve-musket-months-shot-and-designed-by-the-owner-of-the-magnum-1120
Absolutely blown away looking at this surprise in the mail. A 2015 calendar with gorgeous studio shots of the Magnum 1120, shot by none other than the owner himself. Also included are shots of the 998 and 700. Did I mention that he used to photograph bikes for a living for some of the best known bike mags in the USA?
He also added several tasteful touches such as the way-cool-old-school brass double horn, an oil-filler-cap temp. gauge, a custom decal on the side covers, custom fuel filters, tachometer (runs off the coil pulses) and the bike's own vanity plate...it says MM 1120!
It is humbling and surreal to see this. Imagine the time and effort to set up the shoot, the lighting, the viewing angles, the stances, then edit and sort through hundreds of shots...all done by someone still battling cancer.
We think he's winning.
From the days when we were worried if he'd get back the strength to kick the sucker and ride, here we are, looking at this.

In his own words, "Doing this is my therapy".
Hats off to him and Happy Holidays to everyone!


They have big holiday discounts these days, check it out and keep checking!
<![CDATA[Musket 1120 'Magnum' customer's ride report.]]>Thu, 06 Nov 2014 03:24:53 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/musket-1120-magnum-customers-ride-report
Dear friends, I'm very happy to tell you that the Musket 1120 'Magnum' has been ridden by its new owner, in spite of his difficult health situation. To remind you, he is a retired motorcycle journalist, lifelong collector, historian, writer and experienced builder. His collection includes a MkII Interceptor, a Vincent, two Fueling W3s amongst various other classics. He also happens to be battling cancer.
Fingers were crossed that the treatment would eventually allow him the energy to get on it, kick it over and hit the road.
Well...he did. And he wrote me his detailed riding impression.
He has also, very kindly, offered to be a reference for those of you who may be seriously considering a bike built by me.
I can check with him and pass on contact information if you are interested.

Musket V-Twin Riding Impression
I hope my experience with the Musket V-Twin will help others considering the purchase of this very unique and capable motorcycle.
I decided to order a Musket V-Twin in late 2013. A low mileage 500cc Enfield Bullet donor bike was located and shipped to Aniket Vardhan. The build proceeded at a very steady and suitable pace. I received ample communications about the progress of the build. There was very good response to feedback, as well 
By Spring 2014 the bike was delivered in turn-key, ready-to-ride condition. Fit and finish were very good. I added a Baron’s electric tach which worked perfectly with the Musket battery coil ignition system. And a Hitchcock solo seat replaced the sprung unit . 
The Musket weighs much less than 500 pounds (420) -- unusual for a bike of its displacement. Even before starting I noted it was easy to move around.
The Musket uses dual compression releases (one for each cylinder) and lever operated carburetor chokes which aid in kick starting. In the starting drill, the rider eases the engine just to compression at Top Dead Center on the rear cylinder. The release is then pressed to relieve cylinder pressure. Then the engine is turned via the kickstarter. Because of the uneven v-twin firing, there is a long interval while the crankshaft is turning before the engine nears TDC on the front cylinder. This interval allows sufficient inertia to develop so that the front cylinder fires under full compression, and the engine starts. I confirmed that the kickstart arm was on the splined shaft in the best position for maximum engagement.
Even though I weigh only about 150 pounds (and am debilitated due to a medical condition), I was able to successfully kickstart the Musket. The Musket twin coil ignition produces a nice hot fat spark at kickover speed. The engine starts and runs cleanly and responds to throttle without hesitation even when cold.
Once underway, the beneficial low weight of the Musket is further apparent. It is lithe and nimble without being overly responsive or twitchy. Tracking through even tight, decreasing-radius curves is very uniform and steady. The twin leading shoe front brake is progressive and effective in its stopping ability. It is easy to modulate front and rear brake operation. The front fork action is compliant to bumps and dips. The rear swing arm suspension was set at maximum preload and fairly stiff for a rider of my weight.
I would describe acceleration as explosive. So much so, I did not even open the throttle fully.  Even 3/4 throttle made the bike leap ahead like a scalded cat. Due to the low overall weight, engine torque and 5 speed transmission, there was ample flexibility going up through the gears. I found handlebar and foot controls well placed and easy to use.  Clutch actuation felt linear and substantial with being overly heavy or grabby. Shifting is crisp and precise. I had no difficulty finding neutral. First was low enough for smooth starts but still high enough to be useful on the road. Overdrive fifth is a good match for US highways. 
I found no objectional vibration or buzziness at any engine or road speed. Mechanical noise from the engine was relatively modest. The exhaust note was sharp, loud and distinctive. Further muffling for urban environments might be in order. Although not nearly broken-in nor retorqued, the engine was relatively oil tight and the exhaust clean.
In this modern age when most large displacement motorcycles are fully dressed and weigh in at 600 to 1000 pounds or more, the Musket is breath of fresh air. Its tasteful functionality and spectacular performance hearkens back to the illustrious mid-20th century heyday of big engined kick-start British sporting motorcycles -- like the Vincent Black Shadow, Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Trumph/BSA Threes . 
In this hall of Fame, the Musket will surely take its place. It is the best of the old and the new. Ride the Musket and you are contributing a new chapter to the legacy.
-- an early customer
<![CDATA[The ORDER page is up. Whew.]]>Thu, 30 Oct 2014 01:38:16 GMThttp://www.musketvtwin.com/news/the-order-page-is-up-whewI've lost track of how many hundred times in the past few years I've been asked..."how much is it?" And how uneasy and looming that question was. Seriously, getting the creative type to cough up numbers on his work of passion is akin to expecting the shy nerd to ask the neighborhood hottie out on a date. He can't possibly express such base details and wishes that it would all be magically clear without a word being said. Huge explosive internal pressures will cause much anguish, brooding, soul-seeking and avoidance.
But, one day, teeth are gritted and steps are taken. Today is that day and I can't quite describe how tortuous and murderously mulling the past few months have been.
I suppose there's a very simple way to look at it. You see, this project is now my *real job*, not a part-time passion. Apart from all those noble pursuits of paying homage to and reviving the spirit of the golden age of two cylinders and two wheels, this lump of metal is now livelihood.
My LLC is called Indus Valley Design in homage to the ancient 5000yr old Bronze Age civilization which included north-west India and was known for its metallurgy. Indus is also a union of "India" and "US", expressing succinctly the story of my life :-)
So, here we are.
The PROCESS page contains almost all you wanted to know but didn't know whom to ask about turning a Bullet into a Musket.
The ORDER page will give you those much maligned-yet-necessary numbers. Plus a bunch of other details. God is in the details and there certainly are plenty.
Utterly indebted to my great buddy Chumma of ACE with whom every little detail and aspect was thrashed out over great brews, righteous pizza and late night falafel joints of the sort you find only in NYC. Chumma's years of experience at ACE, running the Fireball business with Tom, the insights from which he shared with great generosity were invaluable in getting things sorted.

Go ahead, click on either page.
It only took ten years to get here.
Hope to get some inquiries coming in!
Very best wishes,